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     Technical Analysis 


“A good beginning is the most important of things.”

Objective of Technical Analysis course is to produce professionals who can predict the movement of the stock markets and make money in either direction!  No Previous Knowledge is needed to take this program. You will also learn the art of working in actual market condition.

Technical analysis is the method used to analyze share market, commodity market and currency market, and make investment decisions.  There are plenty of tools, but besides that it studies supply and demand in a market in an attempt to determine what direction or trend will continue in the future.

After completing the course, you will become a wise trader and good investor.   Even if you are looking for a career change, this will be a good choice

I always believe in simplicity.  Simplicity always wins.  My trading methodologies are very simple that even a budding trader can catch the beginning of the trend in either direction.

You will learn simple methods to identify the reversal point of the trend accurately.

If you like simplicity, you will like my TA Course.

Just try it…..

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About GTS Access          

The main activity of the GTS Access is to provide Technical Analysis training.  Our goal is to give actual practical knowledge in Technical Analysis to the budding stock traders in the country and also bring awareness about the financial market.  There is a huge demand for the Technical Analyst in the industry.

Candlestick analysis:

Candlestick patterns are one type of technical analysis used in stock/commodity/currency markets to analyze the market.  If you learn these patterns, you can identify the trend reversal and take early entry.  These can be used in any timeframes.

Support and resistance:       

Support and resistance are the best basic indicators in the world.  You will be taught how to identify the strong support and resistance levels.

Trading methodology:

I have designed the course in the way that even a budding trader or fresher who wish change his/her profession can also understand very easily.

asic Knowledge of Computers and Internet.


You will learn to use simple trading strategies and techniques.

You will learn to read the charts and define the trend of the market and take advantage of it.

You will learn how to cut out the confusion and information overload, which will help making your preparation simple.

Identify the right market condition.

You will learn to use different methods in different market conditions.  

Most of us fail because of using same methods to trade every time.

You will learn about support and resistance levels and how to use them.

You will learn to find the effective entries.

You will learn what indicators to use, the right way to use them and what parameters to use to make them work for you

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

·        Use a simple and effective way to make entry into the trend.

·        Find the right market condition/identify the market sentiment to trade the market.

·        Use support and resistance levels in your trading.

·        Trade using the right tools and indicators.

·        Learn the basics of the market.

·        Use the right methodology to exit the market.  Learn to trade under different market conditions.

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GBSNL Trading Solutions - Technical Analysis Training

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